The Politician’s Safety Survey 2023

English summary of Brå report 2023:14

In the Politician’s Safety Survey, elected representatives in Sweden are asked to respond to questions concerning self-reported victimisation. This statistical report presents the overall results of the Politician’s Safety Survey (PTU) for the period 2012–2022.

Threats against politicians

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About the study

The results of the report are summarised here, divided into the sections Victimisation among elected representatives, Concern among elected representatives, Consequences of victimisation and concern, Police reports and other reporting and Support and security measures. Of the roughly 13,700 elected representatives that constituted the sample population for the PTU for 2023, just over 8,000 individuals participated.

In the PTU, elected representatives are asked to respond to questions concerning self-reported victimisation during the previous calendar year. This means that the PTU for 2023 describes victimisation experienced during the 2022 election year. Victimisation is presented as a proportion of exposed individuals, with the exception of the section concerning situations, perpetrators and motives, where it is presented as the number of incidents.

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Author: Åsa Strid

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Report 2023:14

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