Swedish Crime Survey 2023

English summary of Brå report 2023:9

This summary presents the overall results of the Swedish Crime Survey (SCS) 2023. The results of the report are summarised and broken down into the following areas of inquiry: exposure to crime, fear of crime, confidence in the criminal justice system, and crime victims' contact with the criminal justice system.

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About the study

Of the 200,000 people included in the sample for the 2023 SCS, approximately 64,000 people participated. The method for the SCS was revised in 2017, whereby the collection procedure was changed from mainly telephone interviews to internet questionnaires and postal questionnaires. The selection was also expanded and some of the questions were reformulated and new questions were added. Since one main purpose of the SCS is to be able to make comparisons over time, a method has been developed to enable the results for the period 2007–2016 to be compared with 2017–2023. Every effort has been made to ensure that all the descriptions of development over time for the results described in the report are unaffected by the change in method. It is important to emphasise this as the purpose of the survey is to study development over time and compare different groups in the population, rather than to estimate exact levels. Further information is provided in the Technical report for SCS 2018 (Brå 2019).

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Author: Emelie Holst

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