Afrophobic hate crime

English summary of Brå report 2022:7

With the exception of hate crimes based on general xenophobic and racist motives, Afrophobia is the most common motive found among reported hate crimes in Sweden. Nevertheless, there is a lack of more detailed knowledge on Afrophobic hate crime. This report has been written at the instruction of the Swedish government, to develop the knowledge base on Afrophobic hate crime in order to improve the opportunities to prevent these offences.

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About the study

The study presents a description of Afrophobic hate crimes and the settings and contexts in which they occur. The report also examines the consequences of these crimes for victims, as well as Afro-Swedes’ experiences of, and confidence in, the criminal justice system.
The study has employed both a quantitative and qualitative approach. The analyses are based partly on a review of more than 430 cases of Afrophobic hate crime reported to the police, partly on 26 semi-structured interviews with people who themselves have experience of victimisation. Brå has also compiled the experiences of several interest groups with Afro-Swede memberships, and has gathered knowledge from a number of experts and researchers within the field. In addition, a seminar has been held with representatives from different parts of the criminal justice system.

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Author: Lisa Wallin and Klara Hradilova Selin

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Report 2022:7