Police resource allocation and staff growth

Interim report: Evaluation of the effort to increase the number of police employees by 10,000. English summary of Brå report 2023:2

How has the Police Authority organised and managed growth activities? Is the outcome so far in line with the government's goals and what factors might explain any shortcomings in goal fulfilment?

In June 2021, the Swedish Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) was commissioned by the government to evaluate the initiative to increase the number of police employees by 10,000.

The first two sub-projects are Police forensic operations (2023:1) and the present project on Police resource allocation and staff growth. This document can be seen as a "mid-term progress report" whose main purpose is to present a general follow up regarding how the Police Authority has allocated the increase in resources and to analyse how resource allocation and results so far have corresponded to what Brå perceives as the main goals of the initiative:

  1. 10,000 more police employees, while maintaining the balance between civilian employees and police officers.
  2. Increased diversity in the police.
  3. Prioritisation of core activities.
  4. Locally based police.
  5. Police presence throughout the country, with a special focus on deprived areas.
  6. Improved performance.


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Author: Mona Backhans and Lars Lewenhagen

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Report 2023:2

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