Antisemitic hate crime

English summary of Brå report 2019:4

What forms does antisemitic hate crime take in Sweden, and who commits these offences? These are the two central questions examined by the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention in this report.

Antisemitic hate crimes are offences that are based on feelings such as fear or hatred of, or hostility towards, Jews and Judaism. The offences can be directed against individuals who are Jewish, or who are perceived to be Jewish, as well as against Jewish institutions and Jewish property. The report describes the nature of these offences, the perpetrators, and the consequences that the offences have for the victims, on the basis of police reports, court judgements, and interviews.

The study is directed primarily to the Swedish Government, but also to actors in the criminal justice system and others with an interest in the subject.

Hate crimes

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Report 2019:4

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