Manipulation of matches and the gambling market. English summary of Brå report 2015:18

The subject of this report is match-fixing, the manipulation of matches for the purpose of realising winnings on the gambling market. Sporting associations, the gambling industry, the justice system, and the media have paid increasing attention to the phenomenon in recent years.

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Although the number of suspected cases is still relatively low the consequences may, nevertheless, be serious. Individual teams and athletes are the primary victims of manipulated matches but, in the long run, they can also damage the credibility of the sports movement, cause losses to gambling companies and their customers, and contribute to diminished societal trust in general.

The study is based primarily on a review of documentation of suspected cases of match-fixing from the justice system, Svenska Spel and the Swedish Football Association, as well as interviews with a total of 65 individuals from relevant public authorities, gambling companies, and sports organisations.

The focus is on football and basketball, since these are the sports which have been affected. The report provides a first description of match-fixing in Sweden, but since the number of suspected cases is still low and the information regarding them is sparse in many cases, the picture will probably need to be revised as new cases are discovered.

© The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 2015
Author: Erik Nilsson, Melai Lekhamo, Daniel Vesterhav, Lars Korsell


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