Threats and violence

English summary of Brå report 2015:12

A report on the victimization of occupational groups important to a democratic society.

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The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) has been commissioned by the Government to conduct a review of the research regarding threats, violence, harassment and attempted corruption against individuals performing services, or employed in positions, of particular importance to our democratic society. These groups include politicians, journalists, opinion-leaders, employees of the justice system, and certain employees in other state agencies as well as municipalities and county councils. Earlier studies regarding some of these occupational groups have shown that the exposure to threats and violence is significant, which can have negative consequences for democracy. The Government therefore wishes to obtain an overall understanding: which groups have been studied, which of these groups is most exposed to threats and violence, and where is the need for new knowledge greatest?

The Government's commission also included looking at exposure to threats and violence in the various occupations independently, examining which parties are reported to be the perpetrators, the consequences for the persons exposed, and the experiences garnered from protection and support measures.

In the report, we have looked at existing studies in order to compile a review of the research regarding threats and violence against the relevant occupations. The studies, however, measure different things, have different statistical periods, apply different definitions of threats and violence, and have been carried out in different ways. It is therefore impossible to make any exact comparisons between them. It is possible, however, to provide an overall impression of general patterns and differences between the occupational groups.

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