Has it become more difficult to obtain person-based clearances for fraud and assault?

Interim report pursuant to the Government instruction regarding Performance in respect of investigation and prosecution. English summary of Brå report 2016:18

Have criminal matters which the justice system has to handle become more difficult to clear, and if so, how has this affected the person-based clearance rate?

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With respect to fraud, the study shows that the percentage of matters which are very difficult to investigate has increased. This, in combination with a substantially increased influx of police reports in respect of fraud, has been significant for reducing the person-based clearance rate.

The reduced person-based clearance rate for assault offences cannot, however, be attributed as clearly to an increased influx of reports which are more difficult to clear as is the case for fraud.

© The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 2016
Author: Kristina Jerre


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