Fraud crime in Sweden

English summary of Brå report 2016:9

In 2014, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) was instructed by the Government to conduct a study focused on fraud and the work to combat this type of crime. The reason given was that both victim surveys and reported crime statistics indicate that fraud is on the increase.

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One important factor behind this trend is that technological developments have made it possible both to commit new types of fraud and to engage in fraud offending on a much larger scale. Against this background, the Government’s instruction to the National Council stated that new knowledge is required in order to improve the work to combat fraud. The types of knowledge needed include knowledge on the nature of different types of fraud crime, on how the agencies of the justice system work to investigate and prosecute fraud, and on what types of preventive measures might be effective.

© The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 2016
Authors: David Shannon, Klara Hradilova Selin, Johanna Skinnari and Linda Hörnqvist


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