Hate Crime 2011

Statistics on police reports with an identified hate crime motive

Hate crime 2011 presents details from police reports with various identified hate crime motives and exposure to racist/xenophobic and homophobic hate crimes.

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A boy is called “nigger" by his school friend, a woman wearing hijab is spit at by her neighbour and another woman is called “disgusting homo" on the bus. These are examples of incidents from the hate crime statistics for 2011.

Hate crime statistics can among other things be used to study scope and development of reported hate crimes in Sweden. This in turn may be of assistance when making decisions about measures regarding investigating, combating and preventing this type of criminality.
In recent years, Brå has made extensive changes in the hate crime statistics, particularly in the report for 2008, where there was a change in how hate crime is defined. Some smaller changes have also been introduced for this year's hate crime report. In order to increase production efficiency, statistics on victims and suspects have been excluded, as has the geographical analysis of reports marked as suspected hate crimes by the police (the RAR study). In addition, in this year's report comparisons are made a few years back to illustrate the development over time. Also, for the first time the Christianophobic motive is presented as a separate category.

About the publication

© The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 2012
Authors: Fredrik Aspling, Carina Djärv


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