Crime prevention
in Sweden

Current status and development needs 2022

To better describe crime prevention work in Sweden,
the report is divided into five chapters:
• Crime prevention work – National initiatives.
• Brå’s development work in 2021.
• Regional crime prevention work.
• Local crime prevention work.
• Final conclusions and discussion.

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About the study

Since 2017, Brå has had a long-term commission to
produce an annual report on crime prevention work
in Sweden. The purpose of this series of reports is to
provide a broad picture of how crime prevention
work has developed locally, regionally and nationally
in recent years in relation to the objectives
described in Sweden’s national crime prevention
programme, Combating Crime Together (Tillsammans
mot brott, government communication
2016/2017). Just like the crime prevention programme,
the reports are focused on efforts that are
primarily intended to prevent crimes and criminality.
These can include, for example, social measures
for people at risk of turning or returning to crime,
or situational measures to make crime less profitable
or riskier.
This year’s report has an emphasis on the work
of organisations involved in crime prevention in
relation to the proposed legislation presented in the
government inquiry Municipalities Against Crime
(Kommuner mot brott, SOU 2021:49). If the
municipalities are to fulfil the intentions of the law,
many organisations within the field, and at all levels
of society, will most likely need to develop their
crime prevention work.

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Author: Charlotta Gustafsson

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