The Politician's Safety Survey 2021

English summary of Brå report 2021:13

This summary presents the overall results of the Politician’s Safety Survey (PTU), 2012–2020. The purpose of the Politician's Safety Survey is to measure the extent and consequences of harassment, threats, and violence experienced by elected representatives who are exposed in their capacity as elected representatives.

The report is mainly descriptive in form, and in-depth, detailed analyses or explanations of results are instead presented in various other in-depth studies. The results of the report are divided into the sections Victimisation among elected representatives, Concern among elected representatives, Consequences of victimisation and concern, Police reports and other reporting and Support and security measures. Of the 13,400 elected representatives that constituted the sample population for the PTU 2021, almost 8,000 individuals participated.

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Författare: Anna Frenzel

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