Police working methods to prevent serial partner violence – focus on the perpetrator of violence

English version of report 2017:13.

One of the Swedish Government’s gender policy goals is to end men’s violence against women. The National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) has studied police working methods for preventing men’s serial partner violence against women, as well as approaches and working methods aimed at persuading the perpetrators of violence to cease the violence.

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This is a summary of the original Swedish Brå report 2017:13

In the 2017 budget bill, the Government established the goal of reducing the number of women who are exposed to violence in intimate relationships. The importance of the Swedish Police conducting proactive, well-considered, and structured crime prevention work in attaining this goal is emphasised.

Brå’s instruction for this report can be divided into four parts. Brå must:

  • identify and compile police approaches and working methods for preventing men’s serial partner violence;
  • determine which of these are promising;
  • determine whether they can be implemented into Swedish police working methods; and
  • estimate which costs would be entailed in working according to
    the promising methods and working methods.

© The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 2018
Authors: Sara van der Meiden, Kristina Jerre and Stina Holmberg


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