School Survey on Crime 2015

On crime victimisation and participation in crime. English summary of Brå report 2016:21

The School Survey on Crime investigates crime victimisation and participation in crime, as well as other deviant behaviour among year-nine students on the basis of self-reported data.

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The types of offences which are investigated differ somewhat in respect of crime victimisation and own participation in crime. In respect of crime victimisation, questions were asked regarding exposure to various forms of theft offences, assault, threats, robbery, and sexual offences. In addition to these, exposure to offensive behaviour via the Internet and to bullying were also investigated. In terms of student participation in crime, questions were primarily asked regarding participation in theft offences, violent offences, vandalism, and narcotics offences.

In addition, participation in certain other types of criminal behaviour were also investigated (for example break-ins, illegal file sharing, and use of another person’s ID or a false ID). Questions were also asked regarding certain other types of deviant behaviour, such as whether the student has been truant for an entire day and whether the student has consumed alcohol to the point of intoxication. The reference period for questions in respect of both victimisation and participation in crime is the most recent twelve months.

The survey was conducted among year-nine students at a selection of schools in Sweden. It comprises a printed survey which the students completed anonymously during school hours. A total of 4,659 students participated in this year’s survey.

© The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 2016
Author: Anna Frenzel


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