Elements of IT in criminal activity and the ability of the justice system to handle these

English summary of Brå report 2016:17

As the use of information technology (IT) increases in society, new arenas are being opened up for criminal activities.

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In its budget and policy specification for 2015, Brå was charged by the Government to report developments in the area regarding elements of IT in the crimes reported. The report was to cover developments since 2006 and contain both crimes against persons as well as other relevant types of crimes.

Brå was also charged with analysing the expertise and capacity with respect to IT-related criminal activities and forensic IT investigations in the crime investigating operations. This included shedding light on defects and possibilities for improvement.

Finally, Brå was asked to consider the possibilities of developing a system which provides authorities in the justice system with a statistical basis in order to monitor future developments regarding elements of IT in the crimes reported and, in such cases, proposing how the system should be designed.

Original report, in Swedish: It-inslag i brottsligheten och rättsväsendets förmåga att hantera dem (2016:17)

© The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 2016
Authors: Frida Andersson, Kerstin Nelander Hedqvist, Jonas Ring, Alexandra Skarp


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