Cover of report 2014:17

Why did increased police numbers
not improve the clearance rate?

Final report from the evaluation
of the “20,000 Police” initiative

The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) has evaluated the initiative referred to as “20,000 Police”. The initiative involved the Swedish Police being expanded with the addition of approximately 2,500 new officers during the period 2006–2010 with the objective of improving the organisation’s results.

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Unabridged original, in Swedish: Varför gav fler poliser inte ökad personuppklaring? (2014:20)

To date the National Council has published three reports within the framework of this evaluation (Brå 2013:12, 2013:20 and 2013:21). This publication represents the final report from the National Council’s evaluation.

© The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 2014
Author: Anna-Lena Beutgen, Anna Eksten, Stina Holmberg, Linnea Littmann, Fredrik Marklund


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