Hate Crime 2013

Statistics on police reports with identified hate crime motives and self-reported exposure to hate crime

English summary of Brå report No. 2014:14

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Unabridged original, in Swedish: Hatbrott 2013 (2014:14)

The hate crime statistics are based primarily on police reports with identified hate crime motives, but also include self-reported exposure to hate crimes based on data from the Swedish Crime Survey (SCS) and the Swedish School Survey on Crime (SUB).

Definition of hate crime for the purpose of the hate crime statistics

Crimes against an individual, a group of individuals, property, an institution or a representative for one of these, motivated by fear of, or hostility or hate towards the victim based on skin colour, nationality or ethnic background, religious belief, sexual orientation or transgender identity or
expression, and which the perpetrator believes, knows or perceives the individual or group of individuals to have.

© The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 2014
Authors: Carina Djärv, Nina Forselius and Anna Frenzel


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