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The Politician's Safety Survey

Exposure to harassment, threats and violence

For the second year running, a national survey has been conducted in order to measure the extent and development as well as the consequences of threats, violence and harassment experienced by elected representatives.

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Unabridged original, in Swedish: Politikernas trygghetsundersökning 2013 (2014:9)

The purpose is also to present data which can be used to design measures to prevent or limit the victimisation, catch incidents that take place and improve the care provided to the victims.

This is the second survey produced by Brå, the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, on behalf of the Government. Almost 14,000 ordinary members in the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) and assemblies of delegates (municipalities, county councils and regions) have been asked about their exposure to harassment, threats and violence in 2012.

© The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 2014
Authors: Sanna Wallin, Lisa Wallin


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