Court users' contacts with the Swedish court system

Areas of interest and opportunities for improvement

This study analyses how different court users perceive their interactions with the courts and the courts’ handling of their cases.

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English summary of Brå report No. 2013:11

The way that court users perceive the courts’ working methods is amongst other things of significance for legal security in the examination of cases and for the legitimacy of the justice system. The objective of the study has been to develop more detailed knowledge of how the courts are perceived by witnesses, injured parties and defendants and the parties in administrative court proceedings. The experiences of professional user groups – legal counsel, prosecutors and judges – are also included in the analysis.

The overarching objective has been that of improving the knowledge about the links between on the one hand the way the courts act in relation to users, and on the other the issues of legal security and court efficiency, and to propose concrete measures to assist the courts in their work in this area.

About the report

© The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 2013
Authors: Olle Westlund, Annika Eriksson


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