Cover Importance of Place in Policing

The importance of place in policing

Empirical evidence and policy recommendations

More effective crime prevention work on the part of the police would mean fewer crime victims and also significantly lower costs to society.

ISBN: 978-91-86027-54-4
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Focus on hot spots

In this report, Professor David Weisburd and his colleagues summarise the results from an exciting and still relatively new field of research which shows that there is a great potential for the police to improve the effectiveness of their crime prevention work by directing their focus at small, well-defined locations with high levels of crime, or hot spots, and by making these places safer for the people who visit, live or work in them.

The report is not merely a presentation of research findings, but can also serve as a source of inspiration for the police, to be aware of the opportunities that can be opened up by a new way of thinking about and structuring their crime prevention work.

Facts about the publication

Authors: David Weisburd, Cody W. Telep, Anthony A. Braga et al
Year of publication: 2010

Publication number: ISBN 978-91-86027-54-4


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