Cover: Extended use of electronic tagging in Sweden

Extended use of electronic tagging in Sweden

The offenders' and the victims' view
A report on how crime victims in Sweden experience the law reform from 2001.
There has been an expansion in the use of electronic monitoring in the criminal justice arena in many countries. Sweden was one of the first countries in Europe to introduce electronic monitoring in 1994, as a way of serving short prison sentences.
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Positive experiences

Since 2001, persons serving longer prison terms have also been able serve the final part of their sentence on EM release.

Earlier experiences of EM and EM release have been positive, and against this background the Swedish Parliament has decided to extend the use of intensive supervision with electronic monitoring for a trial period. The trial project, which was launched on 1 April 2005, meant among other things that the target groups for EM and EM release were expanded.

The National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) was commissioned by the Swedish Government to evaluate the trial project. An important part of this assignment involved describing how crime victims feel about the reform. The report is written by Stina Holmberg, Head of Division, and Inka Wennerberg, research analyst, both at Brå.

Facts about the publication

© The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 2007
Authors: Inka Wennerberg, Stina Holmberg


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