KRIS. A survey of the organisation Criminals' Return Into Society

A report on local associations functioning as a supportive network for persons wishing to leave the criminal life style.
The organisation known as KRIS (Criminals' Return Into Society), was formed in Stockholm in 1997 on the initiative of four individuals with a long history of involvement in crime and drug abuse. The basic idea was to form an association of people with similar experiences, which could provide a supportive network for individuals wishing to leave a life of crime and drug abuse behind them. By the spring of 2002, the national federation formed in 2000 had come to include 23 local KRIS-associations, divided into five different regions. The National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå) has surveyed the work of the four largest associations within the KRIS organisation.
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© The Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, 2003
Author: Åsa Frodlund


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