Requests for statistics

Here we describe the conditions governing requests for data from the Swedish Crime Survey (SCS) the Politician's Safety Survey (PTU) and the School Crime Survey (SUB). These conditions also apply to requests for Hate Crime Statistics

Data from SCS, PTU and SUB are individual data and thus covered by the so-called statistical confidentiality provisions contained in the Swedish Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (SFS 2009: 400). This means that information that can be linked to people is subject to confidentiality at the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention (Brå). Under certain conditions, however, data may be provided for research or statistical purposes and in the form of statistics such as, for example, special calculations or tables. The data can be presented at different levels depending on how descriptive and detailed the data are.


You can submit a request for statistics by filling in a form in which you specify which statistics or data you are interested in. Data that are requested in this way can be delivered at an aggregated level in the form of statistical tables in an Excel file, or in the form of microdata in a file in SPSS format. Please note that statistical tables are data that do not contain personal data, whereas microdata can only be provided to research projects that have been approved by the Swedish Ethical Review Authority. In the application to the Ethical Review Authority, it must be clearly stated which variables from Brå are required for the project.

Complete the Statistics request document Word, 31 kB. if you wish to order aggregated statistics. To order microdata, contact

The cost for ordering statistics from Brå is SEK 928 per hour excluding VAT, but if the work takes less than 2 hours, the work is conducted free of charge. If you submit a completed form, you are assigned an administrating officer who will prepare a specification and cost quote as well as an estimated time for delivery.

The following documentation must be provided to Brå at the time of submitting a request for statistics at an aggregated level:

  • Completed form for ordering statistics

The following documentation must be provided to Brå at the time of submitting a request for microdata:

  • Completed form for requesting microdata.
  • Application for ethical review to the Swedish Ethical Review Authority
  • Approval decision from the Swedish Ethical Review Authority
  • Project plan
  • Any other documentation relevant to the handling of the request

When a request is received, it is first examined by Brå's statistics department, which takes a position on whether it is practically possible to fulfil the request. When microdata are requested, an initial confidentiality and ethics review is then carried out, which determines whether Brå is allowed to retrieve the data. Brå will provide a fixed quote once the confidentiality assessment has been completed. Brå applies the principle of full cost coverage, which means that the agency charges for the actual cost of processing and fulfilling the request. The price quote must be accepted by the client before the request is processed. The data are then extracted and a confidentiality review is carried out in relation to the actual data, which results in a decision about which data can be provided and whether certain categories of data must be merged before being released.

The SCS, PTU and SUB are part of Sweden's official statistics and therefore have a symbol designation that denotes this. Please note that the designation or symbol may not be used in subsequent processing of data from the official statistics.

Useful information about SCS, PTU and SUB

  • We do not produce statistics where the number of respondents per accounting group is below 100. However, it is possible to order microdata to obtain access to data that are do not published in aggregated form, which can be released if approved following confidentiality and ethics review.
  • Brå has an anomymised dataset in SPSS format for 2017–2021 for the SCS and for 2015–2019 for the SUB. These can be used free of charge. The anonymised data can be provided via a file transfer service. Technical reports for each year's survey are available on Brå's website. To obtain the anonymised data set, contact