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  1. Have judicial evidential requirements in criminal cases changed, and if so, what significance may such changes have had on the development of the person-based clearance rate?

  2. Have criminal matters which the justice system has to handle become more difficult to clear, and if so, how has this affected the person-based clearance rate?

  3. As the use of information technology (IT) increases in society, new arenas are being opened up for criminal activities.

  4. Statistics on police reports with identified hate crime motives and self-reported exposure to hate crime.

  5. This study addresses robberies victimising private individuals, known as mugging, which is the most common type of robbery.

  6. The goal of this study is to increase knowledge regarding the support which is offered to defectors around the country and to contribute to the development of efforts which will enable more people to leave criminal groups.

  7. The greatest volumes of illegal money appear in economic crimes. Greater focus may thus be placed on combatting economic crimes, verifying cash flows within the financial system, and investigating where this money goes.

  8. This report presents the overall results of the 2015 Swedish Crime Survey (NTU). The survey covers exposure to crime, insecurity, trust in the criminal justice system, and victims’ contacts with the justice system.

  9. The level of victimisation among all elected representatives is higher for the 2014 election year than for 2012. This is the third survey to measure the extent and consequences of harassment, threats, and violence experienced by elected representatives.

  10. Brå has been instructed by the Government to analyse how different factors may have influenced performance in the justice system in respect of investigation and prosecution. The instruction comprises three subareas of which one, the subject of this interim report, is the use of limitations of investigation.

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