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Reported offences

In 2014 approximately 1,440,000 offences were reported to the police, the customs authority or the prosecution service. This represents an increase of 41, 800 reported offences by comparison with the figure for 2013.

In particular, increases were noted in the offence categories crimes against the person, criminal damage and road traffic offences. During the same period, the number of reported offences decreased in the categories tax fraud and benefit fraud offences.

The types of crimes for which the number of reported offences increased the most between 2013 and 2014 were computer fraud, criminal damage, bicycle theft, graffiti affecting public transportation and non-sexual molestation against women 18 years or older.

The types of offences that decreased most were unauthorized access to or use of computer system, supplying of narcotic drugs, extortion, benefit fraud against The Swedish Social Insurance Agency and pickpocketing.

Reported offences

Number of reported offences in Sweden, per 100,000 population, 1995–2014.

Since 2005, the number of reported offences has increased by approximately 202,000 (+16%). Since 1975, the trend in the total number of reported offences has been characterised by a continuous increase. However, the average rate of increase, i.e. the percentage change year on year, has not been as strong since the end of the 1990s.

The increase has occurred across the majority of offence categories during the period between 1975 and 2014. Reported burglaries, however, have fallen by 22 percent since 2005 and are thus exceptions to this general trend. The number of reported assaults, including aggravated assaults, has increased four-fold since 1975 and the number of reported sexual offences has undergone a seven-fold increase.

Reported crimes against the person are numerically dominated by assaults, unlawful threats and non-sexual molestation. Over the course of 2014, a total of approximately 83,300 assault offences were reported, which constitutes an increase of 4 percent by comparison with the figure for 2013. Assaults on women aged 18 years or over increased by 5 percent to approximately 28,500 reported offences. In addition, there were a total of 2,000 reported cases of gross violation of a woman’s integrity. The number of reported assaults against men aged 18 years or over amounted to approximately 35,800 offences which are at the same level as the previous year.

About 20,300 sexual offences were reported in 2014, which represents an increase of 15 percent since 2013. There was an 11 percent increase in the number of reported rape offences, with 6,700 reported rapes being registered in 2014. The number of reported crimes of sexual coercion, exploitation, abuse etc. increased by 20 percent by comparison with the figure for 2013 to approximately 1,520 cases.

In 2014, the number of reported robberies are at the same level compared with 2013, 8,360 offences. Muggings, which comprise approximately 70 percent of reported robbery offences, increased by one percent to 6,000 in 2014. A total of 776 robberies of shops and stores were reported in 2014, which constitutes a decrease of 4 percent by comparison with 2013. A total of 23 bank robberies were reported in 2014. A total of approximately 4,450 incidents of violence against public servants (police, security officers etc.) were reported in 2014. This represents a decrease of 3 percent by comparison with the number reported in 2013.

Slightly over 540,000 theft offences were reported in 2014, which represents an increase of 7,190 reported offences in relation to the figure for the previous year. This category of crimes accounts for 37 percent of the total number of reported offences. Subsequent to this point, the number of theft offences has declined. Approximately 14,300 car thefts were reported in 2014, along with nearly 52,500 thefts from motor vehicles. The number of car thefts declined by 7 percent, and the number of thefts from motor vehicles increased with 1 percent compared with the figures for 2013.

A total of about 22,400 residential burglaries (thefts committed in connection with break-ins) were reported in 2014, which represents an increase of 6 percent by comparison with the figure for 2013. The number of reported fraud offences increased by 5 percent since last year, with 156,000 offences being reported.

Reported criminal damage offences increased by a total of 7 percent, to 151,000 crimes.

In addition, reported drug offences decreased by 1 percent by comparison with the figures for 2013, to approximately 95,300 reported offences. Road traffic offences increased by 13 percent, to a total of approximately 82,800 offences being reported during the year. The increase of traffic offences represents almost a quarter of the increase in the total number of offenses reported in 2014. The increase can be explained by the fact that Swedish police, mainly during 2014, began to include the minor offence of leaving the scene after damaging another vehicle whilst parking in the criminal code of the more serious crime of leaving the scene of a traffic accident. Minor offences, resulting in a fine, are not normally included in the statistics on reported offences, and the change means that the number of traffic offences in 2014 cannot be compared with previous years.

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